New Single Origin, Decaf and Uptown Funk is Getting a Shake Up!

Due to the seasonality of coffee (being a fruit and all) we sometimes need to shake things up a little in our blends and single origins, but hey, variety is the spice of life!
Uptown Funk is getting a little shake up, don't stress peeps, it's still on point (we actually think it's improved as we have added some Uber sweet new coffees in there). 
We are now roasting decaf here at Josie Coffee and it's up the website right now in all sizes. Perfect for those light sleepers and caffeine sensitive coffee lovers. Still got that full coffee flavour, just minus the caffeine!
Also our Colombian Popayan has moved along and we have dropped a sweet new Colombian Dulima in to replace it. We are roasting this one a little lighter, feedback has been super positive so far and it's a nice little change for a more refreshing and brighter taste profile. (You can purchase some here.)
Here are some details on it:
Colombian Dulima Single Origin 
We roast this on a light to medium roast, making it perfect for a fruitier espresso, filter and plunger coffees and even our pods. It works great as black coffee, but even works well in milk if that's your thing! 
Notes: Our Colombian Dulima is a fully washed, Excelso EP grade coffee. The coffee is sourced from the Tolima and Huila regions. Dulima is the ancient name that the indigenous tribe “Pijaos” used to refer to the Tolima Department. The Pijaos were the bravest warriors the Spanish had to fight. The Dulima brand is given only to the finest, hand-picked coffee and is designed to be smooth, clean and consistent with a pointed acidity and good body. 

    ORIGIN: Colombia: Tolima and Huila regions
    PROCESSING: washed 
    CUPPING NOTES : Choc, bright acidity, good body, cherry, very sweet

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