Should I buy a coffee machine or a pod machine?

We hear this one a lot and might shed some thoughts on it. 
Brewing your own coffee is fantastic, there is no two ways about it. It's convenient and allows you to make it just the way you like it, in the comfort of your own home. Sure, going out to the cafe is great and you can experience the whole cafe atmosphere, but sometimes we just want to get a good cup of brew at home in our oversized t-shirt, pyjamas and slippers! 
So here is a few pros and cons for both home espresso machines and pod machines. 
Pod Machines Pros:
  • Cheap purchase price of machines
  • Quick and easy to prepare 
  • Consistent coffee 
  • Minimal mess
Pod Machine Cons 
  • Generally not as strong as coffee prepared from traditional espresso machines 
  • Milk frothing quality far inferior to proper steamed milk from espresso machine 
  • Machines can often break easily with frequent use 
  • Severe negative environmental impact for disposable pod use (consider use of our Re-useable SealPods available here
Espresso Machine Pros 
  • With correct technique, superior cafe quality coffee can be produced at home 
  • Satisfaction & enjoyment of making your own great coffee for family & friends
  • Many higher end coffee machines can serve as a showpiece in the kitchen area 
Espresso Machine Cons
  • Requires time and effort to learn to make good coffee 
  • Can be a little messy at times 
  • Requires relatively fresh coffee beans (generally up to 3-4 weeks old at most)
  • Bigger machines can take up a decent amount of bench space 
  • Expense for a decent machine (expect to pay at least $600-$1000 for a relatively entry level machine, up to $2000+ for higher end European machines)
So which way do you go? Our best advice is this. If you have an interest in making coffee and want to enjoy the art of making coffee, then go and buy a proper traditional manual style espresso machine and grinder.
Learning to make coffee really is an art, but with simple tips and can be mastered by anyone. The vast majority of people who start making coffee at home on espresso machines fall in love with making coffee and often become true coffee snobs, who may find that they prefer their home coffee than many cafes! 
If you're someone who isn't interested in learning about how to make coffee and wants a quick and easy coffee, pods may be your best option. They are fast and simple, and by pairing them with our Eco Friendly Seal Pods, you can get much closer to the quality of traditional espresso, without the large expense of a machine and effort. 
So whichever option you chose to go with home coffee machines, just make sure you match them with great fresh coffee. You can have the best coffee machine in the world, but if the coffee your putting in it isnt fresh, your coffee is always going to struggle. 

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