To Grind Or Not To Grind

Do I need a grinder?  Short answer, no. Long answer, yes you should! 
Coffee is a fragile creature, it needs to be stored properly and kept as fresh as possible. Whole beans should last up to around 6 weeks, but are at their best up to around 2-3 weeks from roast date. These rules are based around whole coffee beans, not ground coffee. By grinding the coffee, the longevity of the coffee is greatly reduced. Coffee is full of beautiful oils that help give coffee those rich flavours and thick crema. But once the coffee is ground, these oils quickly dissipate and the coffee suffers as a result. 
How long does this take? Some say a few minutes, others will say a few hours or so. But there is no debate that if the coffee is left ground for longer than a day or so, the quality is going to be rapidly reduced and will continue to degrade at a rapid rate. 
So how do you overcome this issue? 
Buy a coffee grinder! Grinding the coffee fresh allows you to keep your coffee longer and grind it as you need it, just like the cafe does. Grinders have various settings for different brew methods and can be easily adjusted between to suit your desired settings. Pricing for grinders can vary from as low as $50 for a small hand grinder up to $2000 plus for a quality commercial grinder. If the grinder is for espresso coffee, we recommend spending at least $400-500 on a quality brand burr grinder so it grinds consistently and fine enough for espresso. 
But if you can't justify the extra expense of a grinder, we are happy to grind any coffee from our range for you, in whatever setting you desire, for no extra charge! Click here for our coffee range.

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