Why We Love The Markets

Farmers Markets, the coolest place to be on the weekend….

The Farmers Markets around Newcastle and the Central Coast are a big deal these days and chances are that you’ve already checked them out, lots of times, but if you haven’t, you MUST!

So what’s all the fuss about? Well basically the Farmers Markets are a one stop shop for your fresh fruits and produce. And this isn’t just your run of the mill grocery store fruit and vegetables, it’s generally direct from the farm to the market, picked within days of sale. This not only means you get awesome tasting, fresh food, but often you also get to meet the farmers and see who is actually growing your food.


Beyond the meat and vegetables side of things, there is all sorts of other cool things around for sale, such as honey, handmade soaps, plants, meats, bread, wine, sweets and treats and of course, great coffee, just to mention a few things.

Why do we love working at the markets? For us at Josie Coffee, we operate a purely wholesale and online business, so the markets are a great way for us to connect with our customers face to face. We get to make coffee for our customers and see them enjoy it, which for us, is a big part of why we do what we do. We love that we get to roast coffee which is enjoyed by people all over the country on a daily basis, but by serving our own customers at the markets, we get the whole experience.


So next time you’ve got some free time on the weekend, you can usually find us either at the Central Coast or Lake Macquarie markets, but please check our social media as locations can change. We always have a selection of our roasted coffee (ground or whole beans), cold brew to drink or take home and of course, HOT COFFEE!


We hope to see you at a market soon.


Til next time


Team Josie Coffee

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