Learning To Enjoy Espresso

What is this glorious thing we speak of?
Well quite simply it is a shot of straight coffee, brewed from tightly packed coffee through an espresso machine with high temperature water (92-96 degrees Celsius). A single shot of espresso is generally in the range of 30ml of liquid and will generally have a delicious thick crema on top. 
The espresso or short black is the basis for almost all coffee drinks on the cafe menu. One thing before we get too deep, it is pronounced ES...

How To Store Your Coffee

This is a question we often get asked, so we thought it might be a good one to clear up for you in a blog. 

So how should you store your roasted coffee?

It's simple, just keep your coffee in the original bag we packed it in! This bag has been designed with a one way valve to allow any gases from the coffee to escape, and blocks gas from entering which limits the ageing process of the coffee.  To keep your coffee as fresh as possible,...