Geisha - Panama Creativa Coffee District - Lot 1

Geisha - Panama Creativa Coffee District - Lot 1

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We are honoured to showcase these amazing Geishas from Creativa Coffee District in Panama. This project is the sister to the ever popular La Palma Y El Tucan in Colombia. The CCD crew are utilising their insane level of fermentation process to bring a swag of amazing flavours to the cup. 
This lot has undergone a process called extended static cherry natural process, which is explained below. 
When we allow these fermentations to sit untouched for longer periods of time, we see the profile completely change. As the pH levels drop and the acids change, more complex flavors arise, bringing a shining effervescence to the cup. It’s after 72 hours that these changes become apparent, with some batches left to ferment up to 216 hours.

Available in 100g tins and 250g bags only! 


ALTITUDE : 1700m

ORIGIN : Panama, 

Boquete region



Extended Static Cherry Natural

CUPPING NOTES: Cherry, raisin, boozy, bergamot