• Honduras - San Francisco - Washed
  • Honduras - San Francisco - Washed

Honduras - San Francisco - Washed

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This is our second year of purchasing this tasty washed coffee from Don Fabio and for good reason! 


San Francisco is Don’s second farm. Located, in the Marcala region this is his lowest growing farm. As Marcala can be quite cold on high altitude, this is beneficial for the growth of the coffee.  A wide range of premium qualities are produced on this farm ranging from 84 to 90+ points coffees.

His Catuai and Typicas trees take up the most area on the farm. The warmer climate (compared with his other farms) allows for much less maintenance. Plants mature a bit faster but are also stronger. Every 6-7 years every section of the farm is replaced with new plants which Don believes are stronger.


ALTITUDE : 1400m

ORIGIN : Honduras, Marcala