Colombia - Neighbours Crops - Hector Morales - Lactic

Colombia - Neighbours Crops - Hector Morales - Lactic

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 This coffee comes in via the La Palma EL Tucan Neighbours Crops program. Coffees in this program are sourced via neighbouring farms to La Palma and picked to strict criteria. These coffees are then processed at La Palma, undergoing Lactic fermentation.



Hector is 58 years old and has been working with coffee for the past 13 years. His farm, San Pedro, is located in the Anatoli Village in the municipality of La Mesa. He is in charge of his 6-hectare farm and does most of the responsibilities. He inherited the farm from his parents and for coffee production has allocated 4 hectares of the land.

He started working with coffee since it is a profitable product for him and it is economic support for his family.

Before joining the Neighbors & Crops program Hector used to sell his coffee to a local buyer in Cachipay and says that he found it very difficult to do the wet and drying process as it took a lot of his time and it was even worse in rainy seasons.

With the Neighbors & Crops program he receives higher prices and we support him with and labor needed to process his coffee.



ALTITUDE : 1550m

ORIGIN : Colombia, Anatoli, Cundinamarca

VARIETAL: Castillo


CUPPING NOTES: Rose, milk choc, tropical