• Purple Rain
  • Purple Rain

Purple Rain

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Our signature blend, served in house at our coffee bars. Purple Rain defies the boring homogeneity of espresso blends and screams the Josie Coffee approach from the first sip.

This is the most progressive of our blends; sweet and fruity, showcasing incredible coffees that are, arguably, too good.

We’ve combined coffees that are close to our hearts, India Riverdale Estate’s Aroma Anaerobic Natural and Jose Ramiro’s Washed process from Gaitania, Colombia; sourced through Karl at Cedro Alto. We work closely with both of these farms with the help of our partners on the ground in both of these origins.

We have ongoing commitments to these projects and intent to work with these farms for the foreseeable future, which gives us access to these incredible coffees and assists these farms with ongoing financial stability, its is a win win for us.


ALTITUDE : 1450m / 1900m

ORIGIN : India Riverdale Estate / Colombia Jose Ramiro

VARIETAL: Sl5b / S9 - Typica

PROCESSING : Anerobic natural / washed

NOTES: Sweet, fruity, clean, strawberry jam, plum