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Smooth Criminal

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Smooth Criminal is our take on a classic espresso blend.

Aimed towards traditional coffee drinkers with our signature disregard for norms; Smooth Criminal delivers a mellow, refined, sweeter cup than its more ordinary competition.

Combining two long term green buying projects allows us to guarantee high quality coffee and achieve great results with all brew methods.

This blend is composed entirely of washed process lots with high sweetness and body. Cedro Alto’s Colombian Gaitania Mill, brings juiciness and structure to the cup and the team at Riverdale Estate in India’s Washed Process "round outs” the acidity, bringing the blend together and allowing it to really sing.

Origins: India Riverdale Estate - Washed Process & Colombia Cedro Alto - Gaitania - Washed Process 

Best suited to: Milk based drinks, Espresso, Plunger , Filter, Pod Coffee.