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Uptown Funk

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Uptown Funk breaks from tradition and serves as our introduction to the Josie Coffee style.

Ethiopian coffees have long been heralded as the saviours of milk drinks. In Uptown Funk we combine the success of our Smooth Criminal blend with a high quality natural process Ethiopian. This small change of ingredients yields a large change in the cup.

The fruity, high acidity Adola modernises the blend and delivers a higher intensity with milk and a more complex cup when black. Our Indian and Colombian washed process coffees play complimentary roles here, providing the structure and sweetness the washed process is known for.

Origins: India Riverdale Estate - 48 hr Washed Process, Colombia Cedro Altlo - Motalvo - Washed Process & Ethiopia Sidamo Adola - Natural Process

This blend is suitable for all brewing methods, predominantly milk based espresso drinks.