Coffee Courses

The coffee courses at Josie Coffee help you confidently prepare great coffee in the cafe or home environment. We focus on producing consistent espresso and perfectly textured milk, then hone those skills into becoming a professional barista with excellent workflow. Our courses are lead by industry professionals with many years of experience in cafes and coffee education.

Barista Basics

Have you always wanted to learn how to sling spros? Want to be the best milk frother in the land? Well this is the place to start. Our trainer will take you through the theory and practical demonstration of making coffee, with plenty of hands on practice time for you.

In this course we cover:

Machine Identification and OHS
How to grind, tamp and extract coffee
Use scales and time as a means of consistency
Learn to stretch milk
Pour great coffees
Cleaning the machine and grinder for optimal use

PRICE $170

LENGTH 3 hours

Milk techniques & latte art

You've got the skills to pay the bills but now you need more?!? You want to pour every coffee with consistency and finesse?? You want instagram ready pours to gain millions of followers and show Kim Kardashian what real content looks like?!?

In this course we cover:

Accurately stretch milk
Splitting milk and pouring consistent foam depths on all coffees
Pouring hearts, tulips, rosettas and a picture of ya mum*

*you may or may not walk out of here being able to pour ya mum on a coffee.

PRICE $150
LENGTH 2 hours

"Definitely the best class I've attended in Newcastle. Paul is a great mentor, big thanks."