Colombia - Delagua - Mendinueta - Lot 3 - Honey process

Colombia - Delagua - Mendinueta - Lot 3 - Honey process

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We have been purchasing from this coffee program for almost three years (previously called Sweet Latitude - Sierra Nevada) and we are a huge fan!



STORY Jesus and his wife Erika began growing coffee three years ago in search of a better lifestyle. Their farm, Bella Vista is located at 1,360 m.a.s.l in La Paz village in the municipality of Cienaga. Jesus inherited the Bella Vista from his parents, two traditional coffee growers from the region. Now he and his wife manage everything on the farm. They hired 6 workers to help them with the hand picking and cleaning of the farm during the harvest season. The main harvest is in November, December, and January.


ALTITUDE : 1360m

ORIGIN : Colombia, Bella VIsta, La paz- Cienaga

VARIETAL: Castillo


CUPPING NOTES: Stonefruit, Melon, Silky, White Grape