Colombia - El Cortijo Lot 330 - Lactic washed

Colombia - El Cortijo Lot 330 - Lactic washed

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This is an exceptional coffee which comes with a big pedigree. Coming out of the La Palma & El Tucan program of coffee, this coffee falls into the Neighbouring Crops Program. This program works with farms surrounding La Palma & El Tucan and has specially trained pickers to collect the cherries. The cherries are then processed by La Palma & El Tucan and undergo various forms of experimental processing. These guys are one of the best coffee farms in the world and have extensive experience in experimental processing, which leads to incredibly clean and sweet coffees, with some amazing flavours coming through. 


We are very privileged to showcase some of these very exclusive coffees with our customers, these coffees were hand selected at the farm in Colombia by our good friends from Handpickers coffee in Melbourne. We are planning to visit in 2019 and purchase coffees of our own for next year!

ALTITUDE : 1600-1750m

ORIGIN : Colombia, El Cortijo

VARIETAL: Castilla, Typica

PROCESSING : Lactic washed process

CUPPING NOTES: Red apple, sweet, moderate acidity