Giesha - Colombia - Jairo Arcila - Castellon - Natural process

Giesha - Colombia - Jairo Arcila - Castellon - Natural process

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It's exciting times at Josie Coffee as this is the first Geisha coffee we have purchased! This exotic varietal of coffee is well known for pushing the flavour boundaries of coffee, showcasing flavours often not associated with coffee. This Geisha is incredibly clean and sweet and is a must for any manual brew lovers! This one is available in 100g tins and 250g bags only!

About the farm:

Grown by Jairo Arcila, this Geisha microlot was produced combining several geisha pickings purchased by Cofinet using the highest standards of picking procedures, following a strict ripe criteria.

The cherries were transported to the Cofinet HQ – La Pradera processing station. Here they were floated to even out their temperature, clean impurities, and heighten quality at another level by removing lower density cherries and going through another round of hand sorting.

The cherries were then exposed for 14hrs to a dry fermentation, then dried on raised beds until they reach 10% moisture content. Later stored in grainpro bags for 2.5 months, milled, hand sorted, and vacuum packed.

 ALTITUDE : 1700-1800

ORIGIN : Colombia, La Pradera



CUPPING NOTES: Floral, strawberry, very clean and sweet, tropical