Colombia - Sweet Latitude - Honey Process

Colombia - Sweet Latitude - Honey Process

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This coffee comes out of the Sweet Latitude coffee program in Colombia and is a fantastic quality Colombian. You can expect a very clean cup, lots of sweetness and large amounts of fruit in the cup. This one is definitely a winner in our books!

About the farm:

Ever since he was a child, Jose Rodriguez was introduced to coffee thanks to his grandfather who assigned him the role of taking care of the drying stage. The coffee-knowledge transfer continued through his father, who also encouraged him to help with the family business. He was captured by the love for coffee and later, ended up buying a portion of a neighboring farm. When his father passed away, he inherited the family’s farm and today, he and his wife are still in charge and devoted to produce fine quality green beans. Marlene, his wife, is in charge of the weighing and helps with administrative tasks during the harvest season. They employ between 4 and 8 local people during harvest and are committed to sustainable practices such as avoiding the use of herbicides, having a garbage collection project and a water treatment process. 

ALTITUDE : 1400 - 1600m

ORIGIN : Colombia, Sierra Nevada

VARIETAL: Castilla, Caturra

PROCESSING : Honey process

CUPPING NOTES: Intense Red Fruit, Creamy Full Body, Complex Citrus Acidity