El Salvador - El Manzano - Yellow Bourbon washed

El Salvador - El Manzano - Yellow Bourbon washed

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Coffee info:

El Manzano is one of Emilio’s “flagship” farms. Located 16 km from the city and volcano of Santa Ana, also called Ilamatepec in Nahuatl (an Uto-Aztecan language), El Manzano is the company’s main farm and is where it has set up its mill.
El Manzano is situated in a volcanic terroir at an altitude of between 1,300 and 1,550 metres and covers 75 hectares. It belongs to Margarita Diaz de Lopez, the great-granddaughter of its founder, Cornelius Lemus. 90% of the farm is planted with Red Bourbon, but additional plots are planted with Pacamara, Yellow Bourbon, Typica and Kenyan varietals. 


ALTITUDE : 1500m

ORIGIN : El Salvador

VARIETAL: Yellow Bourbon


CUPPING NOTES: honeydew, vanilla, tea like structure.