Gesha Village 2020 - Lot 39 - Natural

Gesha Village 2020 - Lot 39 - Natural

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We are incredibly honoured to showcase these coffees from Gesha Village. These coffees are the absolute pinacle of Ethiopian Coffee. Gesha Village is an amazing project out of Ethiopia, producing next level quality coffees and this coffee is from the rarities selection, meaning it is one the highest scoring lots outside of the Gesha Village Auction. These rarities coffees are commonly chosen for competition by internationally competing baristas. 


 Available in 100g tins and 250g bags only! There is a very limited supply of this coffee, so don't be waiting on this one!


ALTITUDE : 2000m

ORIGIN : Bench Maji, Surma Block

VARIETAL: Gesha 1931


CUPPING NOTES: Black currant, tropical, floral