Geisha Club - round one
Geisha Club - round one

Geisha Club - round one

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Rules of Geisha club


#1 – You do not talk about Geisha club

#2 –  You do not talk about Geisha club

#3 – If someone asks “Is this coffee strong?” Your subscription is over.

#4 – Only three coffees per exhibition.

#5 – Only one coffee per fight.

#6 – No milk. No sugar

#7 – Extractions will be as high as they have to

#8 – If this is your first time drinking Geisha, you have to say it’s good.


Geisha club is Josie's exotic subscription, it features three exotic coffees (primarily geisha varietal, but sometimes other exotic varietals such as sidra, sudan rume and others). Moving forward this subscription will feature all of our new exotic lots and this guarantees access to these coffees first, Geisha club members get first priority to these sick coffees (they all start on Geisha club and if they sell out, no one else gets them). The subscription is outlined below:

- pre purchase the three listed coffees

- these coffees are roasted and despatched on the dates outlined below

- the member will get a limited run geisha club t shirt, which isn't available outside of geisha club members, it won't be retailed individually. The shirt will be posted in your final order (these will be made to order). The shirt will feature the geisha club logo on the front and the Tyler Durden illustration on the rear. T shirt will be AS colour branded and will look rad, don't stress. 

- select your t shirt size with your order

- 250g bags only and nationwide freight is included in the price

- whole beans only

- Once the subscription starts, you cannot enter until the next round starts (we will aim to run approximately 3-4 a year – depending on availability of green coffees to fit the subscription). 



- Ethiopia Gesha Village Lot 90 - natural process - 11 May 2021

- Colombia Finca Sauntaurio - Yellow honey process geisha - 1 June 2021

- Colombia Inmaculada Coffee farms - Sudan Rume - Anaerobic natural process - 22 June 2021


Geisha Club - round one