Guatemala - Finca Margarita

Guatemala - Finca Margarita

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Fresh into the roastery is this great coffee from Guatemala and it's just what we like from Central American coffees, its sweet, chocolate, stonefruit and nice and clean. This one will be super versatile from everything to espresso, milkies and manual brew methods, just a great coffee that will please everyone!


Farm information:

Finca Margarita is located in Pueblo Nuevo Vinas in Santa Rosa. Average temperatures go between 14 and 30 celcius in a sub tropical rainforest that averages 2,300mm of rain per year. The farm has five water springs and abundant native forest canopy of 537 hectares 305 hectares is planted with coffee, 50 hectares of re-planted forest and 182 hectares of native forest

 ALTITUDE : 1400m 

ORIGIN : Barberena, Santa Rosa, Guatemala

VARIETAL: Bourbon, Catuai