Indonesia - Betawi - Controlled fermentation

Indonesia - Betawi - Controlled fermentation

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 It's another first for us to have an Indonesian coffee here at Josie and we think this one is amazing. This coffee is definitely not a traditional Indonesian style coffee, which are often quite dirty and big bodied. This coffee has some much more wild and interesting flavours due to the controlled fermentation of the cherries at origin. We don't have a massive amount of this coffee, so don't expect it to hang around too long!


Farm information:

4 years ago, Pura Cepa was founded as an innovative Latorre and Dutch Project in which through a controlled fermentation process, we have improved the quality of the coffee. Indonesia's L&D Pura Cepa Washing Station is the third one after Colombia and Guatemala and the cherries are bought from local producers; Pak Bandi in this case. It is located on the Island of Java, one hour from Bandung. Fermentum Naturalis 46 comes from the inoculation and fermentation with our own isolated yeast and bacteria, Yeast 46. Cherries are floated, selected and dried in the L&D innovative drying Pura Cepa mechanism. This mechanism helps us realised that we can make a more constant dried with no generation of mould, faster and preserving the embryo - maintaining the coffee quality for a longer time. The Madura tribe is one of the biggest in Indonesia and their people are known for being hard-workers and persistent.


 ALTITUDE : 1400m 

ORIGIN : Indonesia, West Java

VARIETAL: S795, Lini-S, Tim Tim

PROCESSING : Pura Cepa Natural - controlled ferment