• Peru - Fredeslinda Calle - Washed
  • Peru - Fredeslinda Calle - Washed

Peru - Fredeslinda Calle - Washed

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Fredeslinda is the spouse of Dionisio Pintado. She drops off her coffee cherry separated from her husband. Though her husband may have some early notoriety, she is quickly producing equitable quality. Dionisio and Fredeslinda have taken the interesting route of separating their dropoffs, with each gaining the individual recognition they deserve. This is a welcome relief to traditional social structures in Peru.

She is a bit shy whilst her husband is quite boisterous and usually sends visitors off with a few shots of cana (sugar cane alcohol). Fredeslinda has been instrumental in the renovation of their farm. As they move forward they hope to see their new plantings of yellow caturra and bourbon grow and mature. Their drying area for parchment is large and strategically off the ground.

This wonderful coffee is sourced via the amazing team at Origin Coffee Lab in Cajamarca, Perú. At the core of OCL ethos is their Solidario program. The program provides a holistic developmental model that empowers farmers. They deliver both economic and agricultural modeling to each producer in order to provide a springboard for success. These curriculums are designed to encourage cup quality while also making coffee farming a consistently profitable practice for future generations.


Notes:Apple, Toffee, Almond
Origin:Alto Ihuamaca, Peru
Varieties:Caturra, Bourbon and Catimor
Altitude:1800 masl