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  1. Puqpress v Tamp

    I often said there was going to be a day in coffee that you would meet a barista that has never used a tamp and indeed, it’s happening now. For goo...
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  2. Aeropress

    In the early 2000s, Alan Adler, an inventor with a passion for aerodynamics and the inventor of the Aerobie, invented the Aeropress. It was Alan’s solution to a problem he had; brewing a single cup of coffee well.
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  3. Best Coffee Shops - Melbourne

    One of few cafes to have built international renown, Seven Seeds’ Brother Baba Budan is iconic. A tiny shop in the heart of Melbourne that serves incredible coffee, incredibly fast.
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  4. Best Coffee Shops in Sydney

    No list of great coffee Sydney is truly complete without the inclusion of Reformatory Caffeine Lab.
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  5. Washed vs Natural Processing

    The world of coffee has terms that form the basic professional language but to a consumer, can be confusing or misleading. We wanted to clarify ‘Processing’, a term you may see on our coffee bags and potentially even know a little about.
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