About Us

About Josie the business...

Josie Coffee was founded from a passion for great coffee. We are a small, family owned and operated roasters based in Newcastle NSW. Sourcing incredible coffees from around the world so you can enjoy the perfect cup. We have a dedicated wholesale team and a vast range of retail products.

You can visit the Josie Coffee bar/retail shop at our roastery in Gateshead at 5/5 Metro Court Gateshead, or alternatively head to our newest cafe at Mayfield located at 2/2-16 Hanbury St. 


Let's get personal...

Josie Coffee is owned and operated by Chris and his wife Kate. Both Chris and Greg are our roasters (among other things), our wholesale customers will be familiar with Paul our account manager and along with our friendly coffee bar staff! 

Let's get deeper...Why "Josie" Coffee?

Josie was Chris's cousin, who was unexpectedly taken from us at the young age of 23, in a tragic accident, in the Melbourne CBD, February 2015.

Coffee was a huge part of Josie's life, starting out as a Barista at Gloria Jeans in her hometown of Newcastle at age 14. She quickly refined her skills as a barista and continued to work there throughout her High School years. Her passion for coffee led her to move to Melbourne at age 18 and quickly pick up work in the coffee industry. Josie immersed herself in the Melbourne coffee industry becoming an integral member of a large specialty coffee company. 

Josie taking her Friday 4pm espresso selfie 6/2/2015  

About our coffee...

Here at Josie Coffee we strive to produce the highest quality roasted coffee, by constantly refining our methods and cupping our roasts, to ensure consistency and an ever improving level of quality. We have a high quality wholesale programme and an extensive retail offering.

We aim to source green coffees that suit our style of roasting, that is coffees that taste sweet, clean, have a pronounced and balanced acidity and produce interesting flavours in the cup. We roast all of our coffee on German built, industry gold standard, Probat coffee roasters. We currently have a Probat UG22 for all production roasting and a Probat P5 for all of our single origin coffees. 


In conclusion...

We pride ourselves on our customer service, which is beyond compare, and our constant drive to increase the quality of our roasted coffee to be the best! We look forward to helping our customers drink great coffee at home, in the cafe or wherever your coffee journey takes you. 

In every cup Josie's passion for coffee continues.

You can contact us via email hello@josiecoffee.com.au or by clicking here.